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The Women and People AFAB's

R&D Institute 



We recognize that historically, women and people of color have been underrepresented in clinical trials and medical research, resulting in inefficient treatments, health disparities and social injustice.

At atrium, we are committed to setting the new standards of inclusion in healthcare. Advancing health equity, transparency, and efficacy in research, treatments, and outcomes for women and people AFAB*.

Our ambition is to discover, develop and commercialize breakthrough treatments and cures for complex conditions. With access for all who need them.

We're starting with endometriosis.

*assigned female at birth



Endometriosis, a chronic inflammatory disease with autoimmune like behaviors affecting

2 in 10 women of color and 1 in 6 white women and people AFAB. Symptoms vary and are often debilitating

pelvic pain and periods, sexual intercourse, chest pain, trouble breathing, painful bowel movements or

urination, abdominal bloating, nausea, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and infertility.


Endometriosis has also been found in men and is recognized by the NHS as one of the top 20 most

painful health conditions a person can have. Learn more about endometriosis here,

Diagnostics and Treatment Tracking

Longitudinal Study 

Our cutting-edge initiative harnesses the power of AI and medical imaging to enhance healthcare outcomes. 

Through our study, we're leveraging patient scans to expand our innovative diagnostic capabilities and treatment tracking solutions.

Omics and Precision

Longitudinal Study 

Our study is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge tools, empowering personalized medicine.

Leveraging our pharmacogenomic database and DTP, we aim to match patients with the most effective therapies based on their genetic profiles.


1 Primary | 4 Secondary | 4 month follow-up

12 week trial

This trial will assess the sensitivity and specificity of FFNP for diagnosis of endometriosis.

Genetic Risk Assessment

1 Primary | 3 Secondary 

40 week study 

Our research focuses on genetic risk assessments for endometriosis-related conditions, offering valuable insights for prevention and early intervention.

Drug-Gene and Combination Therapy

Longitudinal Study 

Our study explores drug-gene interactions and innovative combination therapies tailored to individual genetic profiles.


Longitudinal Study

Our study is dedicated to revolutionizing nutrition by tailoring dietary plans to individual genetic profiles.

Our primary goal is to reduce inflammation and provide optimal nutritional profiles for each patient, ensuring their path to better health and well-being.


Get In The Know


Women Are More Likely to Experience Adverse Drug
Reactions 2x More Than Men.
A New Study Tells Us Why.



The Massive Need for Equitable Latino Representation in Clinical Trials.



Women Get Overmedicated Because Drug Dosages Are Determined By Trials Done on only Men.


Sixty percent of people with psychiatric disorders are women, but just 42 percent of participants in trials for psychiatric drugs were female.



LGBTQI+ people experience physical, mental, and behavioral health disparities that are driven by discrimination,
stigma, and violence.


Many Black cancer patients say they aren’t offered the chance at clinical trials-over 80% would consider joining a trial if they had known about one.



Females are still an afterthought in most scientific research. The implications of not analyzing research data
by sex are endless.


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